talk to (one)

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talk to (one)

1. To converse with one. I'll need to talk to David in HR about this situation. Be sure to talk to your parents or school counselor if any of these issues are affecting you directly.
2. To lecture, scold, reprimand, or rebuke one (about something). You need to go talk to Johnny—he just failed another test. I'll have to talk to Samantha about the quality of her reports.
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talk to someone

1. Lit. to speak to someone; to confer with someone. Talk to me! I really want your opinion. I will have to talk to Mark to see what he thinks.
2. Fig. to lecture to someone; to reprimand someone. I wish you would talk to your son. He is creating havoc in the classroom. I am going to have to talk to Roberta. She is not getting things clean.
See also: talk

talk to

Also, give a talking to. Scold, reprimand, as in The teacher said he'd have to talk to Jeff after school, or Dad gave us both a good talking to. [Colloquial; second half of 1800s] For talk to like a Dutch uncle, see Dutch uncle.
See also: talk
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The new round of talks was started on February 25 but after three days of "solid talks", both sides -- US and Taliban -- mutually decided to call off talks to further discuss.
Therefore, the Afghan NUG is in a fix and is trying to participate in the talks to prove its relevance in the Afghan politics.
But Dureza was quick to add that the communist rebels must stop collecting revolutionary taxes in order for the talks to proceed.
A day after exiled communist leader Jose Maria Sison warned that peace talks were doomed to fail if these were held here, the President said he did not want the talks to be held elsewhere.
These include military talks aimed at easing armed conflicts at some disputed border areas, and Red Cross talks to resume reunions of separated families.
Following Anderson, one interpretation of the brevity of talks is that TED organizers structure talks to fit decreased attention spans.
Making Number Talks Matter: Developing Mathematical Practices and Deepening Understanding, Grades 4-10 covers the decisions teachers need to make as they incorporate this simple fifteen-minute daily routine into their math instruction, and offers a range of ideas for using Number Talks to help students use their newfound math skills.
The representatives of the Pakistani government held first direct peace talks with Taliban militants and agreed to continue talks to find out a peaceful solution to the conflict in the country, Xinhua reported Wednesday citing the negotiators.
"In his bilateral meeting with Catherine Ashton on the sideline of Baghdad talks, Saeed Jalili (Iran's chief negotiator) touched upon this point and mentioned that your lack of preparation has caused the trend of the talks to be slowed down and even lead to standstill."
Our answer will be a no until we reach a certain stage where all details are clear and there is something to build upon." Israel offered direct talks to Syria, but said talks should be without preconditions.
But Japan will accept Pyongyang as the venue if North Korea strong wants the talks to be held there, according to the officials.
Gurian talks to the kids about how emotions and biology are or aren't linked.
Delta in talks to sublease space in Logan terminal.
Perhaps you can offer to be with her as she talks to her mom, a teacher, school nurse or another trusted adult.
In tennis, I have a friend who talks to me when our teacher is talking.
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