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At least that's the case at, for example, local talk outlet KLSX, which starts the day with Stern, who has pushed the boundaries of taste by describing naked women in the studio with him and his own sexual response.
Jack Silver, KLSX's program director, agrees that the abundance of today's talk programming starts with the crotch.
The seeds of love of classical music (Beethoven's, in particular) that Miss Eichenbaum planted in the young Adrienne grew into her marvelous choral composition She Talks to Beethoven.
Beethoven, therefore, supplied the model, the motivation, and the camaraderie that led to She Talks, Kennedy's most optimistic play to date.
SpeechPAK TALKS is the only screen reader that supports the new Nokia Communicator 9300 and 9500 PDA/phone combinations that use Symbian and implement the Series 80 user interface with a standard keyboard.
ScanSoft, the ScanSoft logo, SpeechWorks, and SpeechPAK TALKS are trademarks or registered trademarks of ScanSoft, Inc.
But a Labor Department spokesman said the talks recessed about midnight to reconvene at noon today, and Herman canceled a planned trip to California to continue monitoring the sessions.
Asked the status of the talks, she said, ``UPS' position is that since talks are ongoing, that's a good sign.
SpeechPAK TALKS provides a host of features designed to make mobile phones more accessible, and to directly meet the needs of the blind and low-vision community or provide accessibility to those who simply wish to become more productive through hands-free access to important information.
Photos, graphics and more information on Push and Talk can be found on our special PaT internet pages: www.
For distribution to remote offices, vendors and customers, up to 10 hours of Infomedia Talks can be published on a single CD-ROM using Eloquent/CD.
Eloquent/Author is a suite of tools that lets customers produce their own Infomedia Talks.
A Viacom corporate executive confirmed the talks were ongoing, but added, "We haven't signed anything yet.
Talk Technology(TM) and TalkStation(TM) are registered trademarks of Talk Technology, Inc.
In addition to back-end processing for coding, Talk Technology plans to integrate A-Life's E-Templates(TM), customizable electronic macros, with its newly released Emergency Department solution, TalkStationEM(TM).