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And I never can talk as the Crawford children could.
For my part, I don't see any use in such sort of talk," said Marie.
I'll talk to order,--any way you'll mention,--only to give satisfaction.
It's strange, cousin," said Miss Ophelia, "one might almost think you were a professor, to hear you talk.
This religious talk on such matters,--why don't they carry it a little further, and show the beauty, in its season, of a fellow's taking a glass too much, and sitting a little too late over his cards, and various providential arrangements of that sort, which are pretty frequent among us young men;--we'd like to hear that those are right and godly, too.
I have heard her speak on more than one occasion and can attest to her commitment and to the efficacy of her talks.
They're looking for a niche by saying, `We're the station that talks dirty all the time.
A drienne Kennedy's recent play She Talks to Beethoven first appeared in Antaeus in the spring of 1991 and was subsequently included as the first of the Alexander Plays published by the University of Minnesota Press in 1992.
Leading service providers, including Cingular, Vodafone and Telecom Italia, and a global network of assistive technology dealers currently market and offer SpeechPAK TALKS to customers across the globe.
President Clinton predicted Sunday night that negotiators were on the verge of settling the 2-week-old United Parcel Service strike Sunday, but a Teamsters union official discounted the speculation and talks recessed until 9 a.
CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- UK's Largest Blind Association (RNIB) Selects ScanSoft SpeechPAK TALKS for Mobile Phone Accessibility; Application Offers Enhanced Accessibility for All Handset Users
The communication can only go in one direction at a time, however: whoever presses the PaT button first, talks first.
Eloquent captures speakers and their presentations and transforms them into Infomedia Talks that can be viewed using Eloquent's Infomedia Player on any desktop PC.
BUSINESS WIRE)--February 27, 1995--CMP's Interactive Age, revealed today that Viacom and Microsoft are engaged in talks about bringing Viacom's entertainment franchises to Microsoft's Microsoft Network, the company's online service due to launch in August.
Building on the success of TalkStationRadiology(TM), the leading voice enabled workflow solution tailored to serve radiology department needs, and benefiting from the company's signature open speech technology architecture, Talk Technology customized an application to embrace pathology workflow both accurately and intelligently.