talking shop

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talk shop

To discuss matters related to one's job, profession, or a particular pursuit. Our wives are both mechanics, so whenever our families get together, they end up talking shop for most of the time. Would you mind not talking shop while we're having dinner? I want to forget about work for a while. It was really nice talking shop with some other new parents.
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talking shop

A group or organization that spends far more time, effort, and resources on discussing policy or possible actions than actually doing anything meaningful. Primarily heard in UK. People have long criticised these inquiries as being nothing but talking shops, since their recommendations have no legal authority. To be honest, I think a talking shop is what we need at the moment—a chance for these groups to discuss their positions in person, rather than behind the poisonous anonymity of social media.
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a talking shop

mainly BRITISH or

a talk shop

COMMON If you describe an organization or a meeting as a talking shop, you mean it is not effective as its discussions have no practical results. Governments which used to dismiss the UN as a mere `talking shop' now see possibilities for the international body to act more as a world policeman. The Royal Society already had a reputation for being a mere talking shop. The committee is basically just a talk shop.
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Send your World Cup anecdotes to: Jim Cremin, Talking Shop, Racing Post,
The renovation of Butetown and other disadvantaged areas and the building of the children's hospital should have had a far higher priority than a new talking shop.
"Not only will the assembly be a talking shop, but as this analysis shows, a puppet for the Government of the day.
Mr Bradbourn, the Conservative spokesman on regional policy in the European Parliament, said: "A regional assembly would be an expensive talking shop, which would take powers away from local councils and shift power to a remote regional body."
``Reading between the lines there's little in the white paper that's encouraging and which suggests a regional assembly will be anything other than a costly talking shop.''
I WAS fortunate enough to win the 'Box for 20' competition which Talking Shop and Craigie Taylor - the PR agency for United Racecourses - organised recently.
This must not be a talking shop when the situation requires bold, decisive action.
More importantly judge the quality of the debaters we have elected as our political representatives to this present talking shop.
Us Scots also now know we are a nation with our own government, not just a talking shop for Westminster.
Tory Assembly leader Nick Bourne said: "Rhodri Morgan wants government by talking shop. He is a world-beater when it comes to creating endless streams of bureaucracy
If they put more finances into hospitals instead of wasting pounds 60m on a hot-air talking shop, there wouldn't be any problems.
Another layer of bureaucracy means a further increase in the council tax to fund an organisation with virtually no powers and which will be not much more than a very expensive "talking shop".
THE Queen was today opening Parliament - not at Westminster but in Birmingham, where children have their own talking shop.
WILLIAM HILL have followed up their triumph in the Racing Post/SIS Manager of the Year by winning Talking Shop's 'Box for 20' competition.
Piecing together Jones' statements and other public statements from S4C we now know with certainty, and for the record, that: * S4C's new media forum is no more than a talking shop with no executive commissioning power, influence or budget.