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Prepare your listener for that fact: "I'll need to process what you are saying by talking some myself.
Also, it appears that women like chatting on the phone while soaking in the bath and almost a quarter said that they had been caught talking to someone they shouldn't have.
To start talking to friends and family in the UK, all you need is a broadband connection and user account for the free Skype software available for download from www.
The mild pain is a signal to the brain not to keep talking.
Photo: (color) Like a guy you'd meet at a bar, Dave Smith enjoys a good beer and talking sports.
The talking toys and other products - talking cookie and candy jars, candy tins, magnets, coffee mugs, picture frames and figurines - are available in gift and specialty stores, and even have their own theme shops within larger stores like Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Robinsons-May and FAO Schwarz.
Photo: (1--Color) no caption (Larry the Talking Elephant)
In addition to prescription medication, end users can also use the Talking Pill Bottle for vitamins and other healthy supplements.
I'm not going to let him or anyone else violate my First Amendment rights until a legal entity tells me I'm not supposed to be talking about him.
Talking Presidents today announces the release of its long-awaited Talking Bill Clinton Action Figure.
today announced installations of talking ATMs in California, Washington and Oregon as part of plan to install talking ATMs at virtually all of the Bank's ATM Locations over the next eight months.
LIPSinc's technology uses human or synthesized voice to automate the facial animation of talking digital characters for online and offline applications.
com Sock Puppet when asked how he feels about the launch of the new Talking Pets.
Evoke (formerly Vstream), a leading Internet communication service provider, today announced that its popular Talking Email service surpassed the one-million mark in recorded messages since January 1, 2000.