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4 : to use a certain language <They were talking Spanish.
Active listening is a good technique, but how and when you use it needs to vary if you do not want to further alienate the person you are talking to.
People love talking on the phone as well as guessing which celebrities are the biggest chatterboxes.
Conversely, if you have long pauses between words or sentences, people go to sleep, get bored in the middle of the conversation, or think you don't know what you are talking about.
Kamhi World will be giving away twenty special-edition 40-Year-Old Virgin Talking Dolls to the attending media, well in advance of its public release.
If his job is to keep Smith from talking over listeners heads, Looney has enough knowledge and humor on his own to make it work, too.
With our 17-year-old, we can talk as if we were talking to another adult.
I work for peanuts,'' proclaims Larry the Talking Elephant.
PITTSBURGH -- Wizzard Software (OTCBB:WIZD) and its subsidiary, MedivoxRx Technologies, has announced that Rex-The Talking Bottle is now available through Wizzard's on-line Quixtar Partner Store.
Based in Westford, MA, Cliff Rockwood and his wife Laureen were inspired to develop these biblical talking dolls to combat the messages children often hear from music, television and entertainment.
The government said it lacked the legal authority to intervene and end the strike, and the Clinton administration was relying on Herman to keep the parties talking.
RNIB's pioneering work helps anyone with a sight problem - not just with Braille, Talking Books and computer training, but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges.
Former state GOP Chairman Frank Visco wants Antelope Valley talk-show host Diana Beard-Williams to stop talking about him.
With the former First Lady making headlines, now is the perfect time to relive history with Talking Presidents' second release, the Talking
Users can highlight a single name (or a group of up to 100 participants) from the contact list, then push the talk button and start talking -- no dialing, no waiting for answers.