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fast talker

A person who verbally manipulates others into doing or believing something, especially something that is not in their best interest. I could tell that he was a fast talker just by the way he tried to close the deal so quickly. Used car salesmen have a reputation for being fast talkers. They'll say anything to sell a car.
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great talkers are little doers

proverb People who are more preoccupied with boastful or arrogant talk tend not to do or accomplish much of any real value. Cynthia won't stop blabbing long enough to get anything done here. Boy, great talkers are little doers!
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a fast ˈtalker

a person who can talk very quickly and easily, but who cannot always be trusted: The salesman was a real fast talker, and somehow managed to convince me to buy the most expensive model!
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Pair the article and interview with Joseph Bruchac's book, Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two.
Pierre, who remains as the most dominant welterweight of all time, is no stranger to verbal assaults, after battling the likes of notorious trash talkers like Nick Diaz and Josh Koscheck in the past.
Lazarowich, a documentary film producer, will be teaming up with director Cowboy Smithx to create a documentary short about Cree code talkers as part of the National Screen Institute of Canada's Aboriginal Documentary Training Course.
In basic training, Marine sergeants bragged about the prowess of Platoon 382, the Navajo recruits," Nez said in Code Talker.
Gary Frank, owner of San Francisco-based shelf talker provider ShelfWiz, adds, "Electronic shelf talkers currently present a very costly alternative to traditional shelf talkers.
For the third year, 2011, the films featured Mitzie Begay, a cultural liaison at Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance, Ariz.; Jack Jackson Sr., a former Arizona state senator; Keith Little, a World War II Navajo code talker; and Harold Morgan, legislative assistant to the Navajo Tribal Council.
"Our Navajo code talkers have been real life heroes to generations of Navajo people."
NEW YORK--CandyRific, which sells candy and novelty product combinations using popular licensed brands, has partnered with Mind Candy Ltd., creator of the Moshi Monsters brand, to produce under license a Moshi Monster Marshmallow Pop, Moshi Monster Talker and Moshi Monster Candy Fan.
Utilizing Latex Impregnated and Jetlaser Translucent paper-based face materials, these new shelf marker and shelf talker labelstocks for the Americas market offer superior on-the-job performance for on-the-shelf product information and advertising.
Phil," which became the most popular syndie talker after Oprah Winfrey's exit, is down 3% year-to-year in same-day household ratings and by a bit more (5%-7%) in various older femme categories; it has maintained its year-ago average, though, in women 18-34.
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Like many returning veterans, one Code Talker spoke of the war's aftermath, but unlike many returning veterans, his traditional culture was his salvation.
About one of every 10 two-year-olds in the study was a late talker, scoring in the lowest 15 per cent on a list of 310 common words.
"I think if you look at the way management's going at the moment, the manager is a talker.