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fast talker

A person who verbally manipulates others into doing or believing something, especially something that is not in their best interest. I could tell that he was a fast talker just by the way he tried to close the deal so quickly. Used car salesmen have a reputation for being fast talkers. They'll say anything to sell a car.
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a fast ˈtalker

a person who can talk very quickly and easily, but who cannot always be trusted: The salesman was a real fast talker, and somehow managed to convince me to buy the most expensive model!
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When bombs dropped, generally we code talkers couldn't just curl up in a shelter," he recalled.
Shelf talkers are timeless marketing tools, ubiquitous features of nearly every grocery store.
Using a military communications code based on the Navajo language, several hundred Navajo tribe members served as code talkers for the United States during World War II.
The Code talkers were spread out among the various signal corps including Cherokees and Comanche in the Fourth Signal Company.
Code Talker by Chester Nez with Judith Schiess Avila states on the cover that it is the "first and only memoir by one of the original Navajo code talkers of WWII.
At the end of his training, a Code Talker could receive, translate and send a three-line message in a mere twenty seconds.
About one of every 10 two-year-olds in the study was a late talker, scoring in the lowest 15 per cent on a list of 310 common words.
I think if you look at the way management's going at the moment, the manager is a talker.
The True Talker 2 utilizes a hardwood reed system to create all the vocalizations made by actual whitetail deer in the compact size of HS's Super Talker call.
Summary: Guest Kobe Bryant Talks Twitter, Golf and Confronts The Biggest Trash Talker in the NBA
NextUp Talker software offers a unique and affordable software solution so that, using an ordinary Windows computer or laptop, an ALS patient can once again communicate by voice with ease.
SWEET TALKER, the rank outsider at 18-1, came out on top in a three-way photo-finish over the John Gosden-trained Karen's Caper and Gorella to win the Grade 1 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup at Keeneland on Saturday, writes Dan Farley.
In part, this apparent oversight reflects the fact that standard telephone-grade audio speech (with a bandwidth of roughly 3500 Hz) already produces near 100% intelligibility for typical telephone conversations involving a single talker in a quiet listening environment.
Further, when our staff members write the shelf talker, they are learning about the wine, too.