talk one's head off, to

talk someone's head off

1. Fig. [for someone] to speak too much. Why does John always talk his head off? Doesn't he know he bores people? She talks her head off and doesn't seem to know what she's saying.
2. Fig. to talk to and bore someone. John is very friendly, but watch out or he'll talk your head off. My uncle always talked my head off whenever I went to visit him.
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talk one's head off

Fig. Inf. to talk endlessly; to argue vigorously. I talked my head off trying to convince them. Don't waste time talking your head off to them.
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talk one's head off, to

To be extremely loquacious. This hyperbole, also put as to talk someone’s head or someone’s ear off, implies that the boredom of relentless loquacity is making either the speaker’s or the listener’s head fall off. These expressions have largely replaced the earlier talk the hind leg off a horse/ donkey/dog, current from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. G. and S. Lorimer point out, in The Heart Specialist (1935), “An American will talk your ear off about his sport with a little encouragement.”Yet another is talk the ear off a brass monkey. See also like greased lightning.
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