talk down to

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talk down to (one)

To speak in an insultingly condescending manner to one; to speak to one as if they are less mature, intelligent, or capable than they really are. I try not to talk down to my kids when they ask me a serious question. I hate the way my boss talks down to me whenever I ask him to explain something.
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talk down to someone

to speak to someone in a patronizing manner; to speak to someone in the simplest way. The manager insulted everyone in the office by talking down to them. Please don't talk down to me. I can understand anything you have to say.
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talk down to

Also, speak down to. Address someone with insulting condescension, patronize, as in Just because she's editor-in-chief doesn't give her the right to talk down to her staff , or Children hate teachers who speak down to them.
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A self-help guide that does not talk down to the reader, Radical Happiness is a guide filled with solid advice for improving self-acceptance and learning to make the most of one's life.
Are you sure they really talk down to you and you're not just looking for an excuse to keep your distance?
They're in the minority but they're there, no matter how much museum education departments may wish to talk down to them.
It's refreshing--and surprising--for a television program not to talk down to a viewer, to trust the viewer's intelligence and to assume that the viewer is reasonable well read.
Though intended for young adults, it is a reference that, although brief in descriptive information on each species, does not talk down to the reader and will appeal to all ages.
Don't talk down to your audience by hyping up your product too much, for another.