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Talk about (something)!

Used to emphasize that one thinks something is absolutely the case. Did you hear the way he reacted to the news? Talk about being insecure! Wow, talk about terrible service. I'm never eating in this restaurant again.
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talk about someone or something

If you think that thing or person is remarkable, then... Talk about ugly buildings! This one is horrendous.
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talk about someone or something

to discuss someone or something. I don't want to talk about Jerry anymore. Let's not talk about it now.
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I think parents should talk about abstinence as a choice and that it's the family expectation, especially while in high school," Rix says.
We can talk about grand visions of brand new things, but the biggest leverage we're going to get is to network the things that we own today and doing it in ways that produce the effects that we need.
Bunting: Actually it's what firms don't ask that I think is important, and that's what I talk about, namely, don't do this primarily for PR because once the buzz is over you will still have the process to go through.
I think it's a sign that even presidents must sometimes grope for things to talk about.
People have to be able to talk about these things, and sometimes the talk is good and sometimes not.
It can be hard for kids to open up and talk about their parents' divorce.
"Now we talk about what's happening in Washington, D.C., and how it will impact producers in our region."
That's why "relationships work better when people don't talk about other people," according to Elizabeth Danziger, president of Worktalk Communications Consulting in Venice, Calif.
After they describe their greatest moments of despair, they talk about what led them to treatment.
If that doesn't work, have her over ' some time to talk about this problem If that doesn't work, tell the teacher.
Trusting the British to do the right thing about Ireland - talk about the triumph of hope over experience.
Besides paying more attention to your listeners and gaining a better understanding of how communication works, the next way you can help talk about technology is to improve the way you organize your presentation of information.
This show is putting topics on the air that we want to talk about and we never get to raise.
If, as the City Council has passed the law basically that you need to do almost gut rehab of the whole apartment, pull all the walls out rather than just remedial where the spot is and they talk about the cost of $15,000 an apartment, if you're talking about a marginal building the landlord just doesn't have the money.