talk about

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talk about (something)!

Used to emphasize that one thinks something is absolutely the case. Did you hear the way he reacted to the news? Talk about being insecure!
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talk about someone or something

If you think that thing or person is remarkable, then... Talk about ugly buildings! This one is horrendous.
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talk about someone or something

to discuss someone or something. I don't want to talk about Jerry anymore. Let's not talk about it now.
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I'll probably ask you lots of questions and may need to stop you so I can talk about what you said, but I am going to give you time to say everything you want to say.
But when (Leykis) does his open-line Friday, when anyone can call about anything, I've been in the screening room, and the audience is not calling to talk about Saddam Hussein.
There are 85 cities in Southern California, and as soon as you talk about one city, you alienate 95 percent of your audience.
Reacting to Carey's comments, UPS spokeswoman Kristen Petrella in Atlanta said in a telephone interview: ``When you talk about starting to negotiate seriously, I can tell you that UPS has been committed to serious negotiations since we first began our discussions with the Teamsters in March of this year.
press conference, XTRA-AM's ``Loose Cannons,'' who are about as effective as curb feelers, decided to contaminate 77,000 watts of airtime to question why Natrone Means was playing for Jacksonville and not their beloved Chargers, plus an interview with the always-in-demand program director at a Denver radio station to talk about what happened to the Broncos two days earlier.
If we can get knowledgeable people to talk about things that matter to L.
9 to talk about the misdemeanor embezzlement investigation against her husband, Tom Shelton.