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When Dickon talks about it you feel as if you saw things and heard them and as if you were standing in the heather with the sun shining and the gorse smelling like honey--and all full of bees and butterflies.
He never talks about dead things or things that are ill.
Does a cat talk like a cow, or a cow talk like a cat?
It's natural and right for 'em to talk different from each other, ain't it?
After a while, with the parrot's help, the Doctor got to learn the language of the animals so well that he could talk to them himself and understand everything they said.
One day a plow-horse was brought to him; and the poor thing was terribly glad to find a man who could talk in horse-language.
I have a fancy that some day when the time comes that Hugh is free to talk, he will be able to interest you--well, quite as much as Captain Granet.
It was unlike the language of Nalasu's devising, which had been a compromise between god-talk and dog-talk, so that a god and a dog could talk in the common medium.
She wanted to make her niece talk, and so to understand why this rather dull, kindly, plausible politician had made so deep an impression on her, for surely at the age of twenty-four this was not natural.
Chitter-chatter-chitter-chatter-- fish and the Greek alphabet--never listened to a word any one said-- chock-full of idiotic theories about the way to bring up children-- I'd far rather talk to him any day.
I try to talk with Madame de Maisonrouge all I can (she is the lady of the house, and the REAL family consists only of herself and her two daughters).
But at the theatre every one talks so fast that I can scarcely make out what they say; and, besides, there are a great many vulgar expressions which it is unnecessary to learn.
I often think that the celebrated talkers of the last century would have found it difficult to talk cleverly now.
He drank a good deal of wine to destroy the pain that was gnawing at his heart, and he set himself to talk.
Tulliver, shocked at this sanguinary rhetoric, "how can you talk so, Mr.