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have a hidden talent

To have a particular skill or ability that few people know one possesses. Come on, just tell me—what's your hidden talent? Well, I do have one hidden talent—I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue!
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talent management

The area of a business that focuses on retaining current employees and hiring new, exemplary candidates. Talent management is a crucial part of any successful business.
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have a hidden talent

 and have hidden talents
Fig. to have talents or skills that no one knows about. Wow, Perry! I didn't know you had so many hidden talents.
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Little did I know they were recording me because they had been impressed by my talent.
Toronto, ON -- Canadian-based modeling agency, M Models and Talent Agency, is happy to announce its milestone achievement in the real people modeling business.
"The UAE talent department is critical to fulfilling the government's aspirations to position the UAE as a land for talent, which inspires youth, and supports their emergence into successful leaders and pioneers.
In 2017, she became Bolton's co-host in talent search series 'Bolt of Talent.'
Popular faith-based filmmaker and youth leader of the initiative, Oreofe Williams told R that plans have been concluded to host Mr Latin and a host and celebrate talents the world, as the conference will create a bond with new and popular actors.
"AXN is pleased to air three major versions of the Got Talents format - 'Asia's Got Talent,' an original production produced by AXN; 'America's Got Talent;' and 'Britain's Got Talent' - which have been wildly successful.
"The Philippines has a good pool of Global Knowledge Skills (34th), scoring quite well in both High-Level Skills (37th) and Talent Impact (30th)," the report said.
On the first day of the America's Got Talent: The Champions, Novruzov presented a challenging performance, forcing the audience and the jury of the project to watch his number with a sinking heart.
More than 30 young artists participated in the talent hunt discovery programme.
Lori Nicoll, 30, of Dumfries, said: "I have a talent for painting and for languages.
LinkedIn, the world's leading professional network, has announced the launch of its new business intelligence tool 'Talent Insights' to help talent professionals keep track of workforce market trends, identify talent pools, and understand how talent flows to and from peers.
professionals to keep track of workforce market trends, identify talent pools,
This book contains 13 chapters that explore talent development as a framework for gifted education.
To be specific, 15 projects were signed on the spot, of which there were six industrial projects and nine talent platform projects.