take a shot at (someone or something)

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take a shot

To drink a small amount of alcohol out of a shot glass. (Such a drink is commonly called a "shot.") A: "Come on, take a shot with us!" B: "No thanks, I've had enough to drink."
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take a shot (at someone or something)

1. To fire a weapon at someone or something. I took a shot at the target but didn't even come close. The officer took a shot into the air above the suspect as a warning.
2. To attempt or try something. I don't know that I'll be able to do much better, but I'll take a shot. Give me the controller—I'll take a shot at beating the boss.
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take a shot at (someone or something)

To criticize someone or something very harshly; to verbally attack someone, especially in a belittling or demeaning way. I feel bad for taking a shot at his like that, but it was just so dumb that I couldn't resist saying something. I feel like you've been taking shots at me all day—what's your problem? He's not known for his civility, and he's not afraid to take a shot when someone annoys him.
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take a shot at someone or something

1. to fire a shot at someone or something. The hunter took a shot at the deer. Who took a shot at my mailbox?
2. Go to a try at something.
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have/take a ˈshot (at something/at doing something)

(also give something a ˈshot) (informal) try to do something: We all had a shot at solving the riddle.I don’t know if I’ll be any good at editing the newsletter, but I’ll give it a shot.
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take a shot

See also: shot, take

take a shot (at something)

tv. to try (to do) something. I don’t think I can do it, but I’ll take a shot at it.
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But the 21-year-old quickly denied taking shots at his former team.
I think one of my highlights has to be taking shots of meteor showers in Alaska.
Fighters' defence was shattered with Digodi playing crosses and mostly reaching unmarked strikers, but no one seemed ready to test Nthwane as instead of taking shots, they passed to their teammates.
He was taking shots away from them, he was taking seals away, he was getting hands on rebounds, he had some deflections that caused some steals.
This article, from such an accomplished hunter being so honest about making mistakes and having ethical, self-imposed limits on taking shots on game, should inspire parents and firearm instructors to require aspiring firearm users to read this article.
After a 2-0 convincing win over Getafe in the La Liga opener, Real Madrid was set to be hosted by Girona on Sunday in the second round of the Spanish league, reports Efe."The session started with a warm-up before the team focused on passing and pressing,"the Spanish club reported on its official website, adding that the players"then took a more tactical approach, taking shots on goal and playing games on a reduced size pitch."The Real Madrid players participated in a longer-than-normal session amid temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius.
The ministry urges citizens and residents to abstain from taking shots of the personnel during duty, or posting such pictures on the social media, warning that offenders will be legally interrogated.
The 43-year-old cabbie has been taking shots of his customers since the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.
She puts a smile on her face, she chats to parents at their rugby matches, and with Irfon's camera, she clicks away, taking shots just like he used to.
"This is a great opportunity for him to learn the daily routines as a pro, taking shots daily from guys at this level and continuing to develop his game.
In 2015, Lanez released his mixtape "The New Toronto." The title made some hip-hop fans believe the rapper was taking shots at Drake which eventually led to Drake mentioning the mixtape in his song "Summer Sixteen." "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little / All your exes know I like my O's with a V in the middle," he rapped in it.
Despite taking shots back in March the changes have been so drastic we had to re-shoot the pictures again at the end of July to reflect this.
DISY MP Rikkos Mappourides pulled no punches in an interview on media website Nikodea, taking shots at almost all party leaders on the island, and President Nicos Anastasiades.
I also enjoy going out into pitch black during the night to places like Hadrian's Wall and taking shots of the rock faces and quarries there
zzzz hghghgas afasfasfasfasfasfa hghgh Let's forget the "more possession bit" and just start taking shots at the opposition goal.