take a risk

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take a risk

To try to do something for which there is a high probability of a negative or unfortunate outcome. I'm taking a real risk hiring this guy, so you had better be right about him. You're never going to find real success unless you're willing to take a risk now and then.
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take a ˈrisk


take ˈrisks

do something even though you know that something bad could happen as a result: That’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.You have no right to take risks with other people’s money. OPPOSITE: play (it) safe
See also: risk, take
References in classic literature ?
Putting things at the worst, at all events, as in meditation I so often did, any clouding of their innocence could only be-- blameless and foredoomed as they were--a reason the more for taking risks.
It was all very well for Hayward to talk of taking risks, he had three hundred a year in gilt-edged securities; Philip's entire fortune amounted to no more than eighteen-hundred pounds.
50 per cent admit to taking risks when travelling in built up areas 19 per cent admit to jumping amber lights 25 per cent admit to travelling over the speed limit 4.
As they are rewarded for preventing things from going wrong, not for taking risks that can transform and grow into something new, innovation suffers.
Moreover, in this research, the participants were taking risks that could hurt only themselves.
As Martinez prepared his side for today's meeting with Arsenal at the Emirates, he said: "I believe in taking risks and getting on the ball and relying on the talent of the players to score goals rather than systems and deadball situations, keeping clean sheets and not taking risks.
Taking risks are the occupational hazard of being an entrepreneur.
As far as taking risks, that's something I'm certainly attracted to," Joseph, 33, admits.
The Environment Agency warned drivers of taking risks by driving through flood water following a downpour.
ON TAKING RISKS: I believe in taking risks to be happy and to make a better life for yourself or your loved ones.
Many drivers are TAKING RISKS on the roads through overconfidence and complacency, according to the survey.
Nik -- and the entire Wallenda dynasty of circus performers -- have made a living by taking risks, by doing things no one else would even consider.
ISLAMABAD -- The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) dropped on Wednesday with many investors not taking risks ahead of Pakistan's budget announcement, and amid concerns about a weakening rupee, which hit a record-low, dealers said.
I'm taking risks, he's taking risks, something's going to happen.
Of the 58% who admit taking risks, 39% said they simply forget and just over one in 10 said they do not use contraceptives because they do not want to "ruin the moment".