take (great) pains with (something)

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take (great) pains with (something)

To expend a lot of time, effort, and care doing something. Your tutor took great pains with your instruction, but it's obvious that you've totally wasted his time and our money! It's clear that the owners have taken great pains with the interior design of the new restaurant. My grandmother always took pains with her appearance throughout her life, so losing her hair during her cancer treatment was especially difficult for her.
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take (great) pains (to do something)

Fig. to make a great effort to do something. Tom took pains to decorate the room exactly right. We took great pains to get there on time.
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take pains with someone or something

Fig. to deal with someone or something with great care. He really took pains with me to make sure I understood it all. Ken took pains with the model plane.
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take (great) ˈpains with something/to do something


go to great ˈpains to do something

make a great effort to do something well, carefully, properly, etc: It looks easy but in fact he went to great pains to achieve that particular effect in his paintings.She takes great pains with the flower arrangements.
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References in classic literature ?
Elizabeth had the satisfaction of seeing her father taking pains to get acquainted with him; and Mr.
Zimbabwe's military is taking pains to show respect for the 93-year-old leader, the world's oldest head of state, by referring to him as the president and commander-in-chief.
They are challenging the efforts to paint people and politicians who speak for LGBT rights as somehow ungodly, and they are taking pains to show the face of a very different religious world, one in which we are all, to paraphrase these clergymen and women, God's children.
John Paul is breathing on his own and is not suffering from pneumonia, the Vatican said, taking pains to cast his condition in a positive light.
While taking pains to establish a viable position on iSCSI (more of a placeholder for future moves) Fibre Channel vendors introduced lower cost FC systems for the entry-level and midrange segment in an effort to win some of the mid-range market that iSCSI is claiming.
No one does wireless entertainment better than the Japanese; that's why American carriers are taking pains to copy the Japanese model, and why transpacific alliances are all the rage.