take off from (something)

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take off from (something)

1. To fly or fly on something away from some place. Our plane is taking off from Denver around 3 PM, so we should get into Newark around 7 or 8, local time. We took off from a tiny airstrip in the middle of the Sahara in a tiny little plane.
2. To depart or move away from some place with great haste. The child took off from his house to go find some help. An eyewitness saw a red sports care take off from the scene of the crime, but couldn't identify anyone inside it.
3. To take time away from some obligation, such as work or school. I'm taking off from work for a few days to get my divorce straightened out. I decided to take some time off from college to help my parents run their business.
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take off from something

to take flight from something or some place. The plane took off from the busy airport right on schedule. We will take off from the airport on one side of town, fly across the city, and land at our destination within 15 minutes.
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take off from work

 and take ((some) time) off from work; take off (from work)
not to appear at one's place of work for a period of time, hours or days. (Often used of an excused or planned absence.) I will have to take off from work to go to the doctor. I want to take some time off from work and paint the house. Ken took off from work when he was ill.
See also: off, take, work
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said he will be on a fluid schedule while taking off from work to continue with his cancer treatment.
I find parents taking off from work to keep an eye on their offspring, to ensure they are studying all the time, and children trudging heavy books to various tutors for extra support and burning the proverbial midnight oil.
In January 2012, the High Court had directed the Law Faculty to tweak its rules and allow a serving metropolitan magistrate to pursue its twoyear PhD course without taking off from work, saying that the exception could be made as there cannot be a classroom better than a courtroom.
We flew across the country, charging airfare we couldn't afford, taking off from work, all to go to this party and we were three and a half hours late.
Gutierez said Arimoto had been planning on taking off from work soon to pay a brief visit to Hong Kong this weekend.