taking care of business

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take care of business

To do whatever is necessary to resolve something, make progress, get by, cope with one's circumstances, etc. Our last manager was really lazy. I'm hoping the person they're bringing in to replace him will take care of business. I know it can seem overwhelming when there's so much to get done, but just start taking care of business one step at a time.
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(just) taking care of business

Fig. doing what I am supposed to do; an answer to the question "What are you doing lately?" (Also abbreviated T.C.B.) Bill: Hey, man. What you been doing? Tom: Just taking care of business. Andy: Look, officer, I'm just standing here, taking care of business, and this Tom guy comes up and tries to hit me for a loan. Tom: That's not true!
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taking care of business

tv. doing what one is meant to do; coping with life as it is. (see also TCB.) Walter is taking care of business. Back in a minute.
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"Our Taking Care of Business series of events are popular because they are informal and completely free to attend.
Taking Care of Business is on RTE One on Thursday at 8.30pm.
The crooner is one of a handful of people from the King's circle of friends who were given one of his TCB necklaces - which stands for "taking care of business".
Taking Care of Business is the latest release from Tipitina and was recorded in Birmingham's business quarter in June 2011.
This is a great mag for the coffee table (if you have a table made out of coffee that is), or to leave on the bank of the tank to peruse while taking care of business (that's the #2 in case you weren't exactly sure what I was talking about).
The original was designed in 1941 to be the end-all tool for chopping, hacking, cutting and generally taking care of business in the outdoors.
Taking Care of Business: A Guide for the Discussion of Wills, Healthcare Directives, and Funeral Planning St.
After receiving the Winter 2008 Journal, I jotted clown my reaction to your article on corporate-funded research at universities ("Taking Care of Business" by Sonya Huber), but didn't send it in until I realized that no other readers put into words what I was thinking.
Latinos were taking care of business last year, as evidenced by the advertising deal between Pizza Patron and Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, the nation's No.
Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society's machinery; a knight in shining overalls taking care of business with his faithful 'splashdown' crew.
With a former state party chair taking care of business in New Hampshire and the folks in Washington doing their part--some might be tempted to say "pulling the strings"--it's looking pretty apparent that your next Democratic Party nominee for Senate will be Shaheen, no matter what all those other candidates might think.
As Jeanne Warwick Conroy, the chair of the leadership team says, "Our motto is 'Taking Care of Business!' and that is what this project is about."
Presenters included Florence Perchuk of Designs by Florence Perchuk Ltd., who shared her 25 years of design experience in kitchen and bath; interior designer Dennis Rolland, a classical and traditional design specialist, who explained the design process and the role of the interior designer; Christina Manca, style expert on TLC's hit show "Taking Care of Business," who explained how design impacts a retail business; and Carolyn Sollis, style director at House & Garden magazine, who gave a presentation on the home furnishings and American design trends for 2005.
Chapters address why everyone rich, poor, or in-between needs an estate plan; the importance of setting priorities and taking care of business sooner rather than later; the pros and cons of trusts; a realistic look at what surviving spouses can expect; issues pertaining to divorce and remarriage; and case studies.
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