taking care of business

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take care of business

To do whatever is necessary to resolve something, make progress, get by, cope with one's circumstances, etc. Our last manager was really lazy. I'm hoping the person they're bringing in to replace him will take care of business. I know it can seem overwhelming when there's so much to get done, but just start taking care of business one step at a time.
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(just) taking care of business

Fig. doing what I am supposed to do; an answer to the question "What are you doing lately?" (Also abbreviated T.C.B.) Bill: Hey, man. What you been doing? Tom: Just taking care of business. Andy: Look, officer, I'm just standing here, taking care of business, and this Tom guy comes up and tries to hit me for a loan. Tom: That's not true!
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taking care of business

tv. doing what one is meant to do; coping with life as it is. (see also TCB.) Walter is taking care of business. Back in a minute.
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Nearly 250 small business owners and managers today (Tuesday) attended a one-stop-shop event for SMEs, Taking Care of Business , in the Silver Springs Hotel, Cork.
Shell added: "Today, many more clients are happy to have a pest controller visible on their premises because it tells the world that they are taking care of business and managing things properly.
Stour, meanwhile, will be taking care of business at Hull who have won just twice this term and are surely cannon fodder for the visitors' big guns.
Johnny is away in the loony bin, for now poor Fiz is out of her mind with worry, but she is taking care of business though trying to get her hands on Joyce's money.
Golf takes time, which makes it an excellent opportunity for taking care of business.
today (Wednesday) encouraged existing and potential entrepreneurs to register for the Taking Care of Business 2014 event in Galway, which takes place next Tuesday, 25th March in the Raddisson Blu Hotel, Lough Atalia Road.
SIMON Aindow, 39, marked 10 years of taking care of business thanks to a champagne presentation by his bosses at Wayfarers arcade, Southport.
Health units across northeastern Ontario offer workplace health education through a number of initiatives, some of which include: Workplace Health, a program which assists employees and employers develop customized workplace wellness programs; Taking Care of Business, one-day workshops, presentations or consultation on numerous health topics; and Shiftwork Like Clockwork, workshops and facilitator training addressing shiftwork issues.
Nobody wants to win a fight like this but it was an accident and I was taking care of business anyway," said Reid.
Taking Care of Business, by Tipitina, was recorded in Birmingham's business quarter last Ju ne.