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Perhaps the most significant choice an employer is required to make under the proposed regulations is between waiting until the resolution date to treat deferred amounts as wages or taking them into account as wages as of an early inclusion date.
Other health concerns for women taking HRT include:
Tauzin's bill would define as a taking any regulation under the Endangered Species Act or the wetlands provision of the Clean Water Act that reduces a land owner's property value by 50 percent or more.
Choosing one of the first four options permits the employee to "stack" leave by taking 12 weeks at the end of the year and an additional 12 weeks at the beginning of the next 12-month period.
For the white men who were initiated into the Improved Order of Red Men, taking ritualized risks such as the initiation hunt were a racially transformative experience, in which "pale faces" became true Red Men.
Palestinians argue that private land is often declared state land and that taking public acreage does change the face of the land by not allowing Palestinians to use it.
Lithium must be taken with care, with attention to taking the proper dose, having regular blood tests, and reporting changes in diet, exercise, and the occurrence of illness.
And if we have learned and continue to learn our quality lessons well, maybe now is as good a time as any for a new look at our views on risk taking because in manufacturing today, quality and risk go hand in hand.
The frequency counts and proportions of the sample of students or counselors taking each action in completing the simulation were tabulated and compared with the results obtained in Berven and Scofield's study.
After carefully weighing the fish, taking a few photos, the fish was released unharmed and a claim for a new British record of 66lb 10oz was on its way - the highlight of a fantastic week with Davidson taking 13 tope to 40lb, Bell taking eleven.
If you're healthy and are not planning to take antibiotics, go into the hospital, or maybe take a trip out of the country, there is no benefit from taking probiotics," says microbiologist Lynne McFarland of the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle, Washington.
Still, taking the multiple technique classes was difficult--I'd be in beginning and advanced classes at the same time.
Their HDL scores rose even higher after they took torcetrapib twice a day--more than doubling from an average of 34 milligrams per deciliter of blood after taking only the inert pill to 70 mg/dl.