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We are interested in the form taking which occurs in the structure: 'will be taking to point b.' It should be obvious that the reporter has mistaken the form taken for taking.
The next day they fished the wrecks taking ling up to 9lb, with George Winter taking a cod of 17.5lb.
Geoff King fished the Tyne to win SBRAAC's match with seven cod for 14lb 6.5oz, Kev Moffatt taking the best at 5lb 10.5oz from Collywell, where quite a few of the better fish have been taken.
There is no question that exercises of eminent domain are takings; the only question is whether the taking is for public use.
She's also taking a night class at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a history degree gradually so she has something to fall back on when she hangs up her pointe shoes.
Evidence: Can taking echinacea protect you from catching a cold?
About 60% of people with a relapsing form of MS are currently taking a disease-modifying drag, according to a national registry of about 31,000 people with MS.
"When our team took a look at awards processing, we found that on average it was taking 90 days from when we got a request for an award in, to when the award was published.
In the group's recent test, psilocybin frequently sparked temporary mystical makeovers in volunteers who didn't know what kind of pill they were taking. What's more, some of these participants reported long-lasting positive effects of their experiences.
According to the analyst, it is important for researchers exploring adolescent health to "account for the fact that sensitive information [provided by teenagers] is less reliable than other data and the fact that reliability varies according to social context." She further notes that "if [teenagers] who deny their sexual pasts perceive their new history as correct, they will underestimate the STD risk stemming from their prepledge sexual behavior." Consequently, she concludes that health care providers should explicitly ask youth who have taken virginity pledges if they had had sex before taking the pledge, and programs that encourage virginity pledges should "ensure that pledgers know they bear the risks of previous sexual behaviors."
"If you plan to advance in your career, experience fulfilling relationships, earn more money, and achieve your goals sooner, you must plan on taking the respective risks," says Fran Briggs, a Phoenix-based motivational speaker and author.
I felt if all the guys were looking at me, it would boost my self-esteem." So when she was 14, Lauren started taking prescription drugs--medications not prescribed to her--in hopes of losing weight and, in her mind, fitting in better at high school.
My grandfather began taking violin lessons in his late 70s.
However, Mertler (2005) did not clarify whether the inservice teachers had taken assessment courses during their teacher preparation; thus, they may have scored higher for this reason than the preservice teachers who were taking assessment at the time of testing.