take (one) around

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take (one) around

To guide someone through and introduce them to some place. This is where you'll be working, but let me take you around the rest of the building. My sister's coming to visit from America. Do you want to come while I take her around?
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take someone around

to show someone the premises; to introduce someone to the people on the premises. Mr. Franklin needs a plant tour. Would you take him around? Would you kindly take around our guests?
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take something around

to take something from various people or places. Would you take the pictures around and show them to everyone? I will take around this stack of pictures and show them to each person.
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take around

or take round
1. To bring someone somewhere: I'll take you around to my favorite restaurant sometime.
2. To introduce someone to some place by visiting various locations: Let's take the new neighbors around the town this weekend. Let's take around the exchange students and show them the city.
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