take (someone) under (one's) wing

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take (someone) under (one's) wing

To act as someone's guardian, protector, or mentor, especially someone who is vulnerable or in need of help, protection, or instruction. The social worker has taken countless kids under his wing over the years, and many of them stay in contact with him years later. Diane didn't know anyone when she moved out West, so I took her under my wing for a while and showed her around.
See also: take, wing

take someone under your wing

COMMON If you take someone under your wing, you start to look after them and make sure that they are well and have what they need. She has taken the youngster under her wing, giving her advice and helping her prepare for the tour. Tanya took me under her wing when I started at the company. Note: The image here is of a hen gathering her chicks under her wing.
See also: someone, take, wing

take/have somebody under your ˈwing

give somebody help and protection: When new children arrive at the school, she takes them under her wing.
See also: have, somebody, take, wing
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He forms a bond with a sinister teenage boy who he takes under his wing, with disastrous results.
The sequel tells the tale of a young cart race driver (Imran Khan), who Shoaib takes under his wing.
The group is rounded off by Danny (Warren), who Mickey takes under his wing.
Norbert Leo Butz, left, is a bumbling novice con man who the more experienced John Lithgow takes under his wing in the musical version of ``Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
and John (Rick Stear) an up-and-comer Robert unofficially takes under his wing.
The low-budget, $5 million film centers around Bokky (Paxton), a member of a southern Irish-American clan who takes under his wing Pat (Wahlberg), whose father was cast out of the clan for marrying an outsider.