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Luke makes a stand against racism when he takes umbrage against the Parker brothers' remarks, but it's him who ends up in trouble when the police arrest him for assault.
Trump takes umbrage over the smallest bit of criticism because his ego is so fragile.
Clearly the caped vigilante featured in this episode of the US import has seen one too many because he seems to think he's as invincible as they are - sadly, somebody takes umbrage at his intervention in their crimes, and he's found dead.
The nicest thing you can do for these creatures is retweet them because they have no followers and therefore no audience until a kind celebrity takes umbrage and gives them one.
Next time someone takes umbrage at energy being produced near them, especially if it's fossil fuel or nuclear, just take a leaf from Mr Owen's book and tell the silly nimby to stop whinging and face reality.
It is understandable that your reader from Penarth ("Let's be modest about Barry", You Say, May 26) who takes umbrage over the idea of "Barry Riviera" might be held back by modesty; unlike Barry, Penarth does not boast five great beaches nor three distinct resort destinations offered by the "Barry Riviera" with its Island, Knapp and Porthkerry.
Thomas takes umbrage when the popular Reverend Marley (guest star Burn Gorman, left), a free-thinking curate, arrives in Lark Rise, and it isn't long until dark rumours about the priest begin to circulate.
Reader MARSHALL CARTER-TRIPP takes umbrage at MARK SCHMITT's column ("Machinery of Progress") suggesting progressives are partially responsible for the Obama administration's successes and failures: "Schmitt tells us that expecting actual change to be implemented by Obama is unfair given that the 'success of his presidency and this Congress .
In his letter in a recent issue of American Theatre, Gary Lime takes umbrage with what he sees as the negative tenor of David Freedlander's recent article about Danny Hoch's new solo show [Taking Over] and his ideas about gentrification ("Gentrification Blues," Feb.
When she suggests her granddaughter should be christened, Scott - the tiny girl's surrogate father - takes umbrage.
Asked if she researched the role by watching old Pepe Le Pew cartoons, Sykes takes umbrage.
But it is that brother's wife, Herodias, who truly takes umbrage.
Cue jokes about dope-smoking failed actor son Daniel (Hank Azaria) and his porn secret; lesbian daughter Lucy (Kelly Preston) and neurotic sibling Alice (Debra Winger) who try to tear each other to pieces after the latter takes umbrage to Lucy's impending same-sex marriage to house guest Judy (Famke Janssen).
Keith Nicholson takes umbrage over Julian Wilson's perceived elitist attitude IF THE Racing Post is paying Julian Wilson just to wind people up and aggravate them, then the plan is working.
While some say Dubai verges on being ridiculous, Jonathan Howell-Jones, a marketing official with Dubai Internet City who relocated from rainy Britain, takes umbrage.