takes two to tango

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it takes two to tango

Two parties involved in a certain action or situation, especially a wrong that has been committed, are usually both responsible in some way (as opposed to it being the fault or responsibility of one alone). Your son blames mine for their fight at school, but it generally takes two to tango. We won't be able to get this deal underway unless your company is willing to compromise. It takes two to tango, after all.
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(It) takes two to tango.

Prov. Some things cannot happen by one person acting alone. Alan: You're always arguing! Stop arguing all the time. Jane: I can't argue all by myself. It takes two to tango. Fred: Did you hear? Janice got herself pregnant. Jill: Well, she didn't do it all by herself. Takes two to tango, you know.
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takes two to tango

phr. requires two people to do certain things. There’s no such thing as a one-sided argument. It takes two to tango.
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She noted though that 'it takes two to tango' and that it is up to the person tempted to give in or not.
You know, it takes two to tango, so it would affect employers and of course it would also greatly favor the workers.
'It takes two to tango,' Pimentel said when sought for a reaction to Cayetano's remark.
The various desserts were also given some creative names all to do with mangos, of course, such as 'Hum Aam Aadmi Hain', 'It Takes Two to Tango', 'Mango Madness', etc.
It takes two to tango. Our neighbours do not want to "get on with us." Our neighbours want to swallow us; to turn us into an Islamic Turkish protectorate.
Coleen says UM, HE'S a bit old to need a biology lesson but you might want to remind him that it takes two to tango and you're in this together whether he likes it or not.
Malmstrom said she was still hopeful that a trade deal could be struck before the current European Commission leaves office on November 1, "but of course, it takes two to tango."
"It takes two to tango. How can we have a time limit," said Arroyo.
Therefore, the commission, as well as the member states, are trying to prevent this disorderly exit from the union, but it takes two to tango."
HEAD judge Shirley Ballas says it takes two to tango as she hopes to find an older fella.
LEE Ryan looks like he fancies his cha cha chances with Strictly dance partner Nadiya Bychkova - but it takes two to tango and she doesn't seem so keen.
'But it takes two to tango. Pakistan's attitude is positive.
It takes two to tango,' the South African Chief Justice said.
The letter was written in response to an earlier letter titled Justice for Eve's Daughter' and said that it takes two to tango".
In international relations, bilateral relations are very important and they are a two-way street just as it takes two to tango. Russia is trying to be a good partner and how Macedonia behaves it's Macedonia's sovereign right to decide," Ambassador Shcherbak said.