take a risk

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take a risk

To try to do something for which there is a high probability of a negative or unfortunate outcome. I'm taking a real risk hiring this guy, so you had better be right about him. You're never going to find real success unless you're willing to take a risk now and then.
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take a ˈrisk


take ˈrisks

do something even though you know that something bad could happen as a result: That’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.You have no right to take risks with other people’s money. OPPOSITE: play (it) safe
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As their promoter and also a massive fan, it's been amazing to watch them take their raw talent and harness it into an exciting new kind of indie rock that takes risks and is all the better for it.
As Stephen's lustful daydreams of Helen spiral, he takes risks to bring about Jamie's downfall.
He takes risks. Comedy needs risk-takers or it becomes stale.
Summary: <p>US journalist Mark Boal won this year's Gucci Group award for his screenplay of "The Hurt Locker," a powerful 2008 movie about US soldiers in Iraq.AaThe film, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, is based on Boal's reporting in 2004 as an embedded journalist with a bomb disposal squad in Baghdad.AaAs the squad takes risks beyond the call of duty.
Amir sometimes takes risks I'd prefer him not to take but that's the way he fights.
Richard, on the other hand, takes risks but not unnecessary ones and followed all the safety procedures.
One in five winter sports enthusiasts aged 16-34 admits to being a 'bit of a daredevil' and happily takes risks on the slopes, according to research by Norwich Union Direct.
Rasheeda, 61, added: He never takes risks or goes out in bad weather."
He takes risks with his life every working day as do the whole of his watch, and whenever things go very wrong, what horrifying sights they must see.
Independently distributed, this film takes risks and delivers surprises.
"He takes risks but that is part of his philosophy.