take pride (in someone or something)

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take pride (in someone or something)

To take satisfaction in, be proud of, or highly value something one owns, has done, or is renowned for. Our company has always taken pride in its excellent customer support and commitment to customer satisfaction. You can tell that John takes a lot of pride in his kids.
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take pride in someone or something

to be proud of someone or something. I take a great deal of pride in my children. She takes pride in her work and it shows in her products.
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take ˈpride in somebody/something

be proud of somebody/something; consider something to be worth doing well: She takes a lot of pride in running such a successful business.
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Speaking at the occasion, Babar Bajwa, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Zong said, "Zong takes pride in being the fastest as well as the only 3G and 4G service provider in the country.
Ray Karam, Cold Stone Creamery's senior tastemaster, said: "The importance of working with the highest-quality ingredients is something Cold Stone Creamery takes pride in; thus, the opportunity to combine Ghirardelli chocolate with our ice cream was a natural fit.
Your greatest asset is an involved employee who takes pride in a job well-done."
The Lousiana congressman takes pride in his reputation as a fiscal conservative, but he has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars back to his district and looks after industries that have contributed generously to his campaigns.