take offense (at) (something)

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take offense (at) (something)

To be or feel insulted, offended, or humiliated by something. I know your comments were made completely in jest, but I couldn't help taking offense at them. I noticed your parents leaving early. I do hope they haven't taken offense.
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take offense (at someone or something)

to be insulted by someone or something. Bill took offense at Mary for her thoughtless remarks. Almost everyone took offense at Bill's new book. I'm sorry you took offense. I meant no harm.
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take offense

Feel resentment or emotional pain, as in I didn't realize he'd take offense when he wasn't invited. [Mid-1800s]
See also: offense, take
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On a hot afternoon with the High Desert's winds creating a blow-drier effect, anyone who takes offense to arena-style baseball might not want to look.
Already frazzled and on edge from her preparations for the big wedding feast, Polly overhears her dear husband's words of wisdom and takes offense at the harsh picture of marriage he paints for Cotton.
He tells her her fiction is wanting, but when she takes offense, he pointedly instructs her, ``If you really want to be a writer, you have to get used to being treated like one.
Ferguson), now a befuddled, bemused and beleaguered sheriff, who takes offense at his characterization in Mike's novel, to the local blowsy waitress Hazel (Teresa Russell of such films as ``Black Widow'' and ``Gothic'').
Flockhart takes offense that people confuse her with her character, a neurotic lawyer obsessed with being single and her ticking biological clock.
They can offer each other constructive criticism and neither player takes offense.