take leave

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take leave

1. To depart. In this usage, a personal pronoun is used between "take" and "leave." Unfortunately, it's time for me to take my leave of you lovely people.
2. To take an extended, authorized absence from some thing or place. In this usage, "a" can be used between "take" and "leave." Did you know that George is taking leave? His last day is today. I'll need to take a leave from work when the baby is born.
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take (one's) leave (of someone)

to say good-bye to someone and leave. I took leave of the hostess at an early hour. One by one, the guests took their leave.
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take (your) ˈleave (of somebody)

(formal) say goodbye: With a nod and a smile, she took leave of her colleagues.
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Standing before the Christmas tree in her Stevenson Ranch home, she told Martinez he is ``truly blessed'' to have little Hailey safe at home and reminded him he'd see his infant daughter early next year when he takes leave.
Only when she permanently takes leave of them do they realize their loss.
Working locum tenens is more than just a way to earn income between permanent positions, or when another doctor takes leave or vacation.
For example, if one worker takes leave at a business with only five employees, that operation loses one-fifth of its workforce.
At age 11, Harry takes leave of his buffoonish aunt and uncle (who force him to sleep under the musty stairs) and the dreary world of humans (or Muggles, in Harry's vernacular) for his true calling at Hogwarts.
Employees may change their cafeteria plan benefits if they or their dependents enroll in Medicare, if the employee takes leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, during special enrollment periods offered under HIPAA, and if there is a change of residence.