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do a takeoff on (someone or something)

To parody someone or something. In our skit, we did a takeoff on the principal's daily announcements and had everyone cracking up.
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take-off artist

slang A thief, especially a mugger or robber. My dad always made it known that he kept a shotgun and a baseball bat behind the counter to ward off would-be take-off artists. The guy is a take-off artist. He used to walk around town posing as a foreigner, then he'd stop people on the street to ask for directions, pull a gun on them, and make off with their valuables.
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do a takeoff on someone or something

to perform a parody on someone or something. The comedian did a takeoff on the president, and everyone thought it was terribly funny.
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take-off artist

Sl a thief. (Underworld.) A take-off artist known as the Cat is cleaning out closets and jewelry boxes all over town. He's not a sales agent. He's a takeoff artist, pure and simple.
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take-off artist

n. a thief. (Underworld.) A take-off artist known as the Cat is cleaning out closets and jewelry boxes all over town.
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For example, the POH for the Diamond DA-40-180 says a two-percent grade can increase the takeoff distance by 10 percent and can affect takeoff roll by even more.
As we reviewed the environmental conditions during takeoff and compared them with the NATOPS performance charts, we realized just how precarious our flaps-up takeoff had been.
The Japan Transport Safety Board under the transport ministry said the Air Self-Defense Force controller used the word ''takeoff'' prematurely, prompting the captain to think he had received authorization to move onto the runway and commence a takeoff run.
20 to another aircraft after its first takeoff was aborted before ultimately deciding to clear it for a second takeoff.
"The rules of operation are such that a pilot must be able to abort a takeoff while the aircraft is still on the ground and have enough runway left to come to a stop using maximum brakes.
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Campbell showcases the slow-flying Fi 156 Storch which was designed by Gerhard Fieseler and Reinhard Mewes as a short takeoff and landing aircraft and was a very popular such model in the Germany military and governmental airforce during World War II.
Shortly after takeoff, a 0.9-pound chunk of foam insulation broke off the side of the shuttle's external fuel tank but didn't appear to hit the shuttle.
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