taken with

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taken with (someone or something)

Smitten with or enamored of someone or something. Carla is so taken with her new boyfriend that she gushes about him 24 hours a day. I'm so taken with this town that I've decided to live here full-time.
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taken with someone or something

highly attracted to someone or something. She was really quite taken with the young man who escorted her to the ball. The audience was taken with the stage setting.
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Jack's sable measured 41" and was taken with a .375 H&H Kimber Rifl e with 300 grain Swift A-Frame at a range of Range 140m in the Forestry area.
John Woodard and nice male lion taken with Grant Taylor & Mashambanzou Safaris in Mozambique 2012
Pat Wallace with his first 41 buffalo (SCI 107 and Bossed 16 12) taken with PH Gary Duckworth of Mokore Safaris in May 2014.
A forgotten dose should not, however, be taken with the regular dose the next day, because it could raise the lithium level too much.
Lucey worked to establish the proper calibration of separate far-side images taken with blue and orange filters.
Good-sized cod continue to be taken with Middleton pier producing the best two ( John Thompson of Seaham taking the biggest at 16lb with Tony Usher of Horden Buffs AC taking one of 14lb and Ray Hutton weighing in with cod of 7lb and 5lb.
Canadian researchers have discovered that an experimental antihypertensive drug, if taken with grapefruit juice, can cause a rash of side effects, including rapid heart rate, facial flushing and dizziness.
Although the researchers used super-concentrated fruit juices in this trial, Bailey thinks felodipine taken with off-the-shelf grapefruit juice could yield noticeable cardiovascular symptoms.