take to bed

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take to bed

To get into and remain in one's bed, especially to overcome fatigue or illness. Often used with a possessive pronoun before "bed." I took to bed with the flu for the weekend, so I missed out on the entire festival. Janet's taken to her bed to recover from her 24-hour shift in the hospital.
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take to one's bed

to go to bed, as with an illness. I feel a little ill, so I'll take to my bed for a day or so. Sam took to his bed with a fever.
See also: bed, take

take to your ˈbed

go to bed and stay there because of illness: She has taken to her bed with a bad bout of flu.
See also: bed, take
References in classic literature ?
She has taken to her bed with a bad rheumatic cold, just at the time appointed for Helena's visit to Gleninch.
The bag, which was full of wheat, had been placed in a microwave to be warmed up and was taken to her bed when she fell asleep.
His mother has taken to her bed, his father has just been mugged, the wives who were supposed to make the sandwiches have gone AWOL, and his daughter has just decided this is as good a moment as any to tell him his son is gay.
Polly has to manage the tavern, her two sisters, and her mother who is pregnant and has taken to her bed.
MORE gloom as Zoe has taken to her bed to wallow in self-pity and Tricia feels the pressure as she tries to organise a wedding and a funeral.
And Kadden has taken to her bed and referred calls to none other than famously feminist attorney Gloria Allred.
But in Dublin, Diane was said to have taken to her bed - laid low by flu.