take leave

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take leave

1. To depart. In this usage, a personal pronoun is used between "take" and "leave." Unfortunately, it's time for me to take my leave of you lovely people.
2. To take an extended, authorized absence from some thing or place. In this usage, "a" can be used between "take" and "leave." Did you know that George is taking leave? His last day is today. I'll need to take a leave from work when the baby is born.
See also: leave, take

take (one's) leave (of someone)

to say good-bye to someone and leave. I took leave of the hostess at an early hour. One by one, the guests took their leave.
See also: leave, take

take (your) ˈleave (of somebody)

(formal) say goodbye: With a nod and a smile, she took leave of her colleagues.
See also: leave, take
References in classic literature ?
The music-seller having taken leave of his senses from sheer astonishment, and I having no evening costume to appear in, we sent the doctor to make the necessary apology to the public, who were calling for her till the place rang again.
Having won twenty guineas at whist, and taken leave of his friends, Phileas Fogg, at twenty-five minutes past seven, left the Reform Club.
Summary: Lord mayor has taken leave from his role at Melbourne Health, hospital says, while incident at awards ceremony investigated
Raila later said the CEO is still in office, contrary to reports that he had taken leave.
Castles 'badge of subjection' HAVE the Welsh Government and Cadw taken leave of their senses?
In all honesty he moves, for a big bloke, really well" Comedian Joe Pasquale on Ed Balls "Our media's taken leave of its senses.
It's a film so shonky and unfunny - like finding a dead rat in your Christmas stocking - you're left with the feeling that the writer had actually taken leave of his senses.
I am an EN working in the public sector and have taken leave due to a death in the family.
It said Kamal had taken leave from party activities for attending his business related engagements and had also informed the party leadership about his decision to go abroad.
It emerged on Wednesday that Antonio Horta-Osorio, who became Lloyds chief executive in March, is understood to be suffering from fatigue due to overwork and had taken leave following medical advice.
THE ConDem Government has taken leave of its senses by intending to significantly cut expenditure on policing.
ANOTHER PLACE Perhaps it happened inmy dreams Or in some book withwondrous themes Maybemy mind has playedme tricks And possibly needs a reality fix But age has caughtmeonce again Dreaming of a time that youth won't ken When England was a fair wind place With brass band Sundays and a leisurely pace Respect was king, nowscorned to waste Gone, but the memory's sweet to taste I'm sure you'll smile aswe regale Our young folk with nostalgia's tale The days been lost to our country's pride We're blessed to have seen the other side Of that England gone,we can only grieve For a loving friend who has taken leave Whoever thought this isle of grace Would finish just another place.
Using data on 6,243 new fathers in Stockholm, Bygren and Duvander (2004) found that men took more parental leave if fathers at their workplace had taken leave in the two preceding years, which the researchers regard as the establishment of a workplace norm for fathers' leavetaking.
We then thought he'd taken leave of his senses by posing for a fantasy wedding shoot with Big Brother whinger Nikki Grahame, but now Andy, 28, seems to have found love for real with a mystery brunette only known as Lydia.
I believe he has actually taken leave of his senses.