take (one's) chances

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take (one's) chances

1. To seize and make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. It was a heartbreaking loss, but we have no one to blame but ourselves—if you don't take your chances in a game, you're never going to succeed.
2. To try to do something that carries a high risk of having a negative or unfortunate outcome. A: "You know that this deal could bankrupt the company, right?" B: "But if it works, it will make us a fortune. Let's take our chances."
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take one's chances

Accept the risks, resign oneself to whatever happens, as in I've no idea whether this scheme will work; I'll just take my chances. [Early 1300s]
See also: chance, take

take ˈchances

do risky things: Take no chances: don’t lend money to people you don’t know.
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take your ˈchances

(informal) make as much use as you can of your opportunities: When the offer of a job in Singapore came, I accepted it. After all, you have to take your chances in life.
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Subsequent research might include interviews with students who have taken chances to elicit their feelings and thoughts in regard to taking chances.
I think we have taken chances and I think clubs have taken chances," Hodgson added.
There was a bit of everything - missed chances, taken chances, a lot of emotion.
But before his 53rd consecutive Grand Slam tournament, he said: "I've taken chances after Wimbledon, only playing one event leading into the US Open, and risked a first-round loss.
Cole has also taken chances introducing Germany's Sasha Waltz, France's Pascal Rioult, and Argentina's Grupo Krapp.
One of the things I live with is that perhaps he may have taken chances with his medication, thinking, `If anything happens, Chip has my back.
She has always taken chances in films and remained true to her vision, resulting in both artistic and commercial acclaim.
Swindon boss Danny Wilson said: "We've had too many games where we've played just as well and not taken chances - but today, we did.