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The letter, from her private secretary, read: "Her Majesty has taken an interest in the mysterious crop circles for some time and was sad to hear your results of years of research into the question are at risk through lack of funds."
Every major mining company in the world has taken an interest in research on reduced chimneys.
"This is the beginning of the process, and I am encouraged by the fact that so many governors from both political parties have taken an interest in high school reform," Spellings states.
Other campuses in the Five Colleges system (which includes Mount Holyoke, Amherst, and Smith colleges, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst) have taken an interest in the Hampshire project, and there has been some discussion of cooperative buying, says Hampshire Food Service Director Doug Martin.
I did not, as I had never taken an interest in that sort of thing (indeed to do so with any sincerity constitutes flirting with the occult, according to Church teaching).
Cancer researchers have taken an interest in curcumin because many countries with curry-rich cuisines, such as Sri Lanka, have lower cancer rates than Western countries have.
The European Commission's competition commissioner Mario Monti has reportedly taken an interest in a Danish case against the brewery group Carlsberg A/S.
Pope John Paul II is said to have taken an interest in Emmerich's life and cause for sainthood.
I wonder how many of the people who took such an interest have actually taken an interest in their own local politics?
She has finally seen a neurologist (twice in the last five years) who has taken an interest in her and recommended her to take part in a drug trial.
He has taken an interest in everything that relates to this part of the world and has served it well.
Now Aberdeen FC scouts have taken an interest in Lewis who plays with Fernhill Rovers.
Secular television and radio have rarely taken an interest in synod, and Mr.
companies have also taken an interest in phage therapy.
Despite criticisms from groups of parents who had taken an interest in the pilot projects independently from consultors to the editorial team, the bishops put their stamp of approval on it.