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1. verb, informal To swindle, cheat, or con (someone). Often used in passive constructions. I can't believe I let myself get taken like that. I should have known that guy was a scam artist! When all was said and done, that no-good lawyer took us for thousands of dollars.
2. noun, informal One's reaction to, impression of, or opinion about something. Tune in to my podcast this evening to hear my take on this whole situation. She's known for giving pretty hot takes about controversial topics.
3. noun, informal One's particular version or interpretation of something. The film represents the esteemed director's modern take on the classic fairytale.


1. Already claimed or reserved; spoken for. I'm sorry, this seat is taken. Excuse me, is this table taken?
2. informal By extension, already in a committed romantic relationship. I asked Tom if he wanted to go on a date with me, but it turns out he's taken. I'm flattered, truly, but I'm afraid I'm taken.

taken with (someone or something)

Smitten with or enamored of someone or something. Carla is so taken with her new boyfriend that she gushes about him 24 hours a day. I'm so taken with this town that I've decided to live here full-time.
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and had and took
1. mod. cheated; deceived. I counted my change, and I knew I was taken.
2. mod. drug intoxicated; unconscious from drugs. The guy in the corner booth was taken and crying in his beer.
3. mod. dead. I’m sorry, your cat is taken—pifted. Your cat’s took, lady, tough luck.
4. mod. already claimed as someone’s mate or lover. Sorry, Bill, I’m already taken. Sam and I are engaged.
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References in classic literature ?
When her dishes were washed and her bread sponge set and her hens fed Marilla remembered that she had noticed a small rent in her best black lace shawl when she had taken it off on Monday afternoon on returning from the Ladies' Aid.
could I have but taken warning by their disasters, I had been happy still, for I was yet free, and had nothing brought against me; but it could not be, my measure was not yet filled up.
Nor was this all; for though by this job I was become considerably richer than before, yet the resolution I had formerly taken, of leaving off this horrid trade when I had gotten a little more, did not return, but I must still get farther, and more; and the avarice joined so with the success, that I had no more thought of coming to a timely alteration of life, though without it I could expect no safety, no tranquillity in the possession of what I had so wickedly gained; but a little more, and a little more, was the case still.
In short, they robbed together, lay together, were taken together, and at last were hanged together.
But the family, being alarmed, cried out 'Thieves,' and the man was pursued and taken; the young woman had got off too, but unhappily was stopped at a distance, and the watches found upon her.
They walked to the house they had taken, and looked over it.
'The soldiers have taken possession of The Boot, I hear,' said Hugh.
He's taken. He's in one of the strong cells in Newgate.
'On his way to prison, where he was taken by a party of soldiers.
He rose immediately, for he swam like a cork, and called to me, begged to be taken in, told me he would go all over the world with me.
I could have been content to have taken this Moor with me, and have drowned the boy, but there was no venturing to trust him.
Yet such was the fright I had taken of the Moors, and the dreadful apprehensions I had of falling into their hands, that I would not stop, or go on shore, or come to an anchor; the wind continuing fair till I had sailed in that manner five days; and then the wind shifting to the southward, I concluded also that if any of our vessels were in chase of me, they also would now give over; so I ventured to make to the coast, and came to an anchor in the mouth of a little river, I knew not what, nor where, neither what latitude, what country, what nation, or what river.
Afterwards when I have taken the body home you shall have your fill of weeping."
61(a)(12) are both taken into account in determining consolidated taxable income for 1997.
What has put a smile on boat anglers' faces is that the first of the mackerel have been taken, all of which have come from over the deeper water wrecks.