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take away

1. verb To remove something from its current location. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "away." The tow truck came and took the abandoned car away. Here, let me take away these empty plates.
2. verb To rescind someone's access to something, usually as a punishment. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "away." My parents took my video games away for getting an F on my last test. Charlie, I swear to God I will take away the TV for a month if you don't get out here and do your chores this instant!
3. verb To arrest, capture, or otherwise detain someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "take" and "away." The government has been taking away anyone who challenges its ironfisted rule. Tom Thompson, you are under arrest for the murder of Samantha Samson. Take him away! The kidnappers took our daughter away and are holding her for a $2 million ransom.
4. verb To bring someone with one to some place, especially a location that is or seems to be more exciting or romantic. A noun or pronoun is used between "take" and "away." Take me away with you, Roberto! Show me the adventure I've always longed for!
5. noun The main point, lesson, or piece of information that one derives or retains from something. As a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word. I think the takeaway from this meeting is that we desperately need to improve efficiency.
6. noun Food from a restaurant that is picked up and taken home or somewhere else to be eaten. As a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word. Primarily heard in UK. I don't feel like cooking tonight, do you want to just get a takeaway?
7. noun In sports (typically American football and hockey), an instance of gaining possession of the ball or puck from the other team through a turnover, such as a fumble or interception. As a noun, it is usually hyphenated or spelled as one word. Cleveland is great at generating takeaways, especially against turnover-plagued teams.
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take it away

An invitation or instruction for someone to begin their performance. We've brought in a very talented young band to entertain you this evening. Take it away, girls! A: "For my audition, I will be singing a cover of 'Let it Be,' by The Beatles." B: "Wonderful. Take it away whenever you're ready."
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take someone or something away (from someone or something)

to remove someone or something to some distance away from someone or something else; to remove someone or something from the possession of someone or something else. Take her away from me! Take away that horrible food.
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take something away (from someone or something)

to detract from someone or something. The bright costume on the soprano takes a lot away from the tenor, who is just as important. The main subject of the picture is good, but the busy background takes away a lot.
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take away

1. To remove something: Someone took my books away. Can you take away the trash?
2. To have something as the effect of an experience: I did not take away a good impression of the way things are run there. He took away a black eye from that fight.
3. To take someone along to a new place: I wish you would take me away with you.
4. To arrest someone or send them to prison or another place of incarceration: The police were threatening to take me away, so I left the country. The police took away the suspects to the courthouse.
5. To awe someone; cause someone to be emotionally captivated: The final scene of the movie took me away.
6. To win something easily, by a wide margin, or dramatically: It was a tense series of games, but our team took it away in the end. That film took away five Oscars.
7. Chiefly British To buy food at a restaurant and take it somewhere else to eat: Let's take away some Chinese food for lunch.
8. take away from To detract from something: Drab curtains took away from the otherwise lovely room.
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Global Online Food Delivery and Takeaway market has been witnessing growth at a noteworthy rate over the past few years owing to escalating population growth with changing lifestyle and preferences of consumers with growing number of consumers preferring to try new cuisines from around the world.
the number in the one of the we can healthier lifestylesTracey Dixon "Limiting the number of takeaways in the area is one of the ways we can promote healthier lifestyles, particularly among our children.
The Supplementary Planning Document -- SPD 22 -- specifies that planning permission will not be granted for hot food takeaways in wards where the level of obesity in Year 6 pupils is over 10%.
According to the figures from the Office for National Statistics, Teesside's number of new takeaways is more than double the average in England (26%).
Mr Clark, 30, said: "We need a real term cut in unhealthy food outlets such as kebab shops and other fast food takeaways. I am in favour of a healthy project but the council cannot simply promote a healthy new town, while promoting a unhealthy Old Town.
Clustering The new guidelines outline no more than two consecutive takeaways can be located next to one another, and between pre-existing units, there should be at least two other non-takeaway units.
Based on an analysis of the online food ordering website Just Eat, it can be revealed that there are more takeaways in the city that serve pizza than any other type of fast food.
Businesses identified as takeaways or mobile food stands has soared from 155 in 2010 to 305 in 2015, according to Office for National Statistics data.
And the study, by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, and commissioned by online market place and takeaway search engine Just Eat, found that more than 12,400 jobs were supported in the takeaway sector in 2014.
We always loved that restaurant but I didn't realise you could get a takeaway there.
However, this is not the case as more 100% home delivery/takeaway players operate a combination of channels, such as a restaurant and takeaway service.
This is your chance to join our exclusive Mirror Takeaway Club and enjoy 2 for 1 or 50 per cent off on takeaways from a huge range of different cuisines.
A CONTROVERSIAL plan to allow a new cafe to sell hot takeaway food is set to be given the green light this week.
M2 PRESSWIRE-September 5, 2019-: Takeaway Genie attracts the Attention Of Restaurant Businesses in the U.S.
In areas that have become over concentrated by hot food takeaways, further hot food takeaway applications will not be permitted.