take turn

take (one's) turn

To do something at one's designated time or place in a sequence. There are a lot of people who want to try the game, so you'll have to wait until everyone has taken their turn. Let me know when I can take my turn.
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take one's turn

[when playing a game] to make one's move or play one's cards; [when alternating with someone, waiting for one's opportunity or place in a sequence] to perform one's task. Somebody please wake Max up so he can take his turn.
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Children frequently work together and take turns when interests collide, suggesting that this sophisticated social strategy emerges earlier in life than previously thought.
The pairs taking turns earned an average of 40 stickers; the pairs who did not take turns won an average of 38 stickers.
For example, people living together often agree to take turns washing up the dishes after meals or taking their children to school," said Professor Andrew Colman.
Your son is old enough to be taught to share and take turns in play.
Some hermaphrodites take turns being male and female or simultaneously deliver and receive sperm.
ASCENT: Pilgrims take turns to carry the cross; FAITH: Service at Bray Head, Co Wicklow, yesterday