take time

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take (one's) time

To go at one's own preferred pace; to use as much time as one needs or desires. There are a lot of things we need to get right, so let's be sure to take our time on this. Could you please describe what happened that night? Take your time—we want it to be as accurate as possible. Oh, no rush at all. Take your time.
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take one's time

to go as slow as one wants or needs to; to use as much time as is required. There is no hurry. Please take your time. Bill is very careful and takes his time so he won't make any mistakes.
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take (one's) time

To act slowly or at one's leisure.
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Lovesickness forces half of Britain's workforce to take time off to be with their lover, or recover from a break-up, according to research released yesterday(tues).
She said: "I don't think I would ever take time off work because I'd just met someone.
Practicing a musical score teaches us to take time for the beautiful and the meaningful in the music.
`It was also important to take time to get to know the people with whom we were working in Uganda.
The findings are timed with the launch of Austravel's Great Escape new guide for "work escapers" planning to take time out to explore.
Administration said: These are the rules - you have to fill out these forms even if it does take time away from your customers.