take time

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take one's time

to go as slow as one wants or needs to; to use as much time as is required. There is no hurry. Please take your time. Bill is very careful and takes his time so he won't make any mistakes.
See also: take, time

take (one's) time

To act slowly or at one's leisure.
See also: take, time
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She said: "I don't think I would ever take time off work because I'd just met someone.
But I don't think I would take time off if I'd just broken up with someone.
The findings are timed with the launch of Austravel's Great Escape new guide for "work escapers" planning to take time out to explore.
People are so materialistic today that they don't take time to honor their Heavenly Father, and this gave them an opportunity to do something in his honor and his glory.
Administration said: These are the rules - you have to fill out these forms even if it does take time away from your customers.
Although the market for entry-level job opportunities has been rebounding, many students are choosing to take time off before launching their professional lives.