take the chill off

take the chill off (of) (something or some place)

To make something or some place a little less cold; to warm something or some place up to a more bearable temperature. In the wintertime, I always let my car run idle in the driveway while I get ready for work to take the chill off a little bit before I get in. The boss offered to bring in a few space heaters to take the chill off the office while the central heating was being repaired. I find that lighting candles can be a very affordable—and romantic!—way to take the chill off of a room.
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take the chill off (of) (a place)

to do something that warms a place up slightly. Let's build a fire and take the chill off this place. I turned up the heat to take the chill off of the apartment.
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The wetsuit may take the chill off the water and help the swimmer swim a bit faster, but precious time can be lost in the transition from swim to bike.