take the blame

take the blame (for something)

To assume or be assigned the responsibility or guilt for something. As manager for this project, I take the blame for its failure. No way—I'm not taking the blame for your stupid prank!
See also: blame, take

take the blame (for doing something)

to acknowledge that one is to blame for doing something. Do you really expect for me to take the blame for something I didn't do?
See also: blame, take
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I don't think Lindsay needs to take the blame for anything," he insisted.
A CARE worker accused of stealing thousands from vulnerable patients said she withdrew money under orders and was told to take the blame when investigators came calling.
Treble said, when investigators came to Speke Nursing Home, in May, 2010, she was told to take the blame by Vernon.
MANY drivers feel pressured by other motorists to take the blame for road accidents even though they are not at fault, it was revealed today.
Let's look at that again: Downing Street press officers take over the situation, tell a fib and then let someone else take the blame when they are rumbled.
There is something in the human heart that always wants someone else to take the blame.
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