take (something) for a ride

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take (something) for a ride

To go for a brief, leisurely outing in a vehicle, especially an automobile. Jenny just got a new car for her birthday, so I think we're going to take it for a ride after school. Grandpa says he's going to let me take the Mustang for a ride if I get a good report card.
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take someone for a ride

1. Lit. to carry someone about, usually for recreation, in a car, plane, boat, etc. Would you take us for a ride in your boat? Please take me for a ride in your new car.
2. Fig. to deceive someone. You really took those people for a ride. They really believed you. I was taken fora ride on this matter.
3. Fig. to take away and murder a person. (Underworld.) Mr. Big told Mike to take Fred for a ride. The gang leader had said he thought Mike had better take Walter for a ride.
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take for a ride

1. To deceive or swindle: an author who tried to take his publisher for a ride.
2. To transport to a place and kill.
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