take somebody's point

take the/(one's) point

To understand or come to agree with a particular point that one is trying to make. A: "The early flight might be cheaper, but we won't enjoy our first day there because we'll be so tired!" B: "OK, I take the point. Let's book the later one instead." But Bob, if we don't secure the investment by Friday, we stand to lose everything the other investors had put in so far. Do you take my point?
See also: point, take
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take somebody’s ˈpoint

understand and accept the truth of what somebody has said, especially during an argument, discussion, etc: I take your point, Simon, but I don’t think it’s as simple as you think.‘Look, Jane. I know a lot more about physics than you, so why do you keep disagreeing with what I say?’ ‘OK,point taken.’
See also: point, take
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