take public

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take (something) public

1. To reveal or divulge some private or secret information to the public; to make something public knowledge. The aide threatened to take the senator's affair public if he wasn't given an extra $5,000 a month for the remainder of the campaign. I know you fear retribution, but you've got to take what you know public.
2. To change a company from one that is privately owned to one whose shares publicly traded and sold. My son retired at 40 after taking his hugely popular startup company public and earning an enormous payout as a result. You really need to be sure that your business has consistent, predictable revenue before you start talks about taking it public.
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take something public

1. to make something known to the public. You gotta take it publicput it on the streeteven when it's none of your business. Don't take it public. You'll just get talked about.
2. to sell shares in a company to the general public. (Securities markets.) The board decided not to take the company public. We're going to take it public whenever the market looks good.
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