take possession

take possession (of something)

To gain or assume ownership or custody of something. She took possession of the house following the court's ruling that she was the legal inheritor of the estate. The bank took possession of my car after I was unable to keep up my monthly repayments.
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take possession (of something)

to assume ownership of something. I am to take possession of the house as soon as we sign the papers.
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take posˈsession (of something)

(formal) become the owner of something: He couldn’t pay his taxes, so the government took possession of his property.
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A CDA official said this case was in court for years, and so while the authority did not formally take possession of the land during ongoing litigation, according to records the land was in its possession.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to start operation in sector E-12 to take possession of its land illegally occupied by the encroachers.
First, it is striking, indeed in this age of historical writing amazing, that nowhere in this work does the author ask what kind of person could take possession, and even more important, what type of person had to submit to a valid possession.
In this situation, owners often inquire as to whether they may store the possessions found in the apartment, and take possession of the apartment without resort to any legal action.
The chief justice heading a three-member bench that had taken up a case about lack of hospitals in the federal capital expAressAed dismay when he was inforAmed that the Capital DeveAlopAAment Authority (CDA) could not take possession of the land because an inquiry was pending before NAB.
The court, however, asked the CDA to get ready to take possession of the land so that the hospital could be built in the federal capital.