take on the chin

take (something) on the chin

1. Literally, to receive an impact, especially a punch, on one's chin. He took the heavyweight champ's deadly left hook on the chin, and he was knocked out cold then and there.
2. To endure some hardship, difficulty, setback, or defeat, especially with stoic courage or poise. He just took the criticism on the chin and kept working on his art. I know you're feeling down about the loss, but just take it on the chin and practice harder tomorrow.
3. To receive or suffer the full brunt of a defeat, setback, or hardship. Our boss messes around with the company's money, but we're the ones who have to take it on the chin when things go wrong. Dave has been fired before, but this was his dream job, so he really took this one on the chin.
See also: chin, on, take

take something on the chin

1. Lit. to absorb a blow on the chin. The boxer tried to duck but took the blow on the chin.
2. Fig. to experience and endure bad news or other trouble. The bad news was a real shock, but John took it on the chin. The worst luck comes my way, and I always end up taking it on the chin.
See also: chin, on, take