take note of something

take note (of someone or something)

To become aware of, remember, focus on, or pay attention to someone or something. I thought Sally would sure take note of me if I wore my new satin dress, but she didn't even look my direction when Visitors are reminded to take note of local laws and customs. The tax laws are changing dramatically, and international businesses need to take note.
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take note of (something)

To make an especial effort to focus on or remember something. Sorry, I was taking note of the details in this ancient tower's architecture and wasn't listening to what you said. Jenny, take note of this number and remind me to call it when we get home.
See also: note, of, take
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take ˈnote of something

notice and think about or remember something: Well, Ms Brown, I’ve taken note of everything you’ve told me, and I’ll give you my answer next week.I’d like everyone to take note of the changes I’ve made to the timetable.
See also: note, of, something, take
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