take it easy on

take it easy on (someone or something)

1. To treat someone gently or leniently. Take it easy on your little brother, will you? He didn't mean to break your toy. That was pretty good! I'm not going to take it so easy on you the in our next match, though, so you'd better keep practicing!
2. To use or consume only a small amount of something. Hey, take it easy on the ketchup—there's not much left. A: "You want a beer?" B: "No thanks—I'm taking it easy on the booze these days."
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take it easy on (someone, something, or an animal)

to be gentle on someone, something, or an animal. Take it easy on Mary. She's been sick. Please take it easy on the furniture. It has to last us many years.
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take it easy on something

Fig. to use less of something (rather than more). Take it easy on the soup. There's just enough for one serving for each person. Please take it easy! There are hardly any left.
See also: easy, on, take
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