take into head

take (something) into (one's) head

To believe that something is true. Take it into your head: I'm in charge until Mom gets home, so you have to listen to me. A: "Why is Johnny holding his breath?" B: "Well, he's taken it into his head that holding his breath will make him taller."
See also: head, take

take something into one's head

Fig. to get an obsession or overpowering idea into one's thinking. George took this strange idea into his head about fixing the car himself. I don't know why she took that strange idea into her head.
See also: head, take

take into one's head, to

To conceive an idea. This vivid image of putting an idea inside one’s head was already known about 1700. Joseph Addison used the expression (The Spectator, 1711): “When every Body takes it in his Head to make as many Fools as he can.”
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