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In another battle of the Bandits, Garcia flew away to take Heat Nine well ahead of Summers to progress on to eight points, while Doolan took a second win in Heat 10 to also total eight.
Steve Worrall roared away to take Heat 15 with Lambert backing him up all the way over Richie Worrall and Wells to hit a vital last heat 1-5 to the Diamonds and end the night a very creditable 46-44 down with the home leg to come.
Runemeragged had suffered a similar fate himself when beaten by Loyal Rebel in a trial stakes two weeks ago, but fared much better when scoring seven days later and Frank Wright's charge can take heat two at 7.43.
Charlie Lister's Questhouse Em can take heat five at 8.31 from the front, while Diane Henry's progressive Honey Trampas could be the answer to a competitive finale at 8.47.
It was, as expected, a tight affair, with Robert Lambert blasting away to take heat one over Richard Lawson in a shared result, the same as the second, won by Tom Perry.
Alden got his act together to take heat nine as part of a 3-3, but Glasgow pulled two more back in the 10th with a win for Wells.