take care

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Take care (of yourself).

1. Good-bye and keep yourself healthy. John: I'll seeyou next month. Good-bye. Bob: Good-bye, John. Take care of yourself. Mary: Take care. Sue: Okay. See you later.
2. Take care of your health and get well. Mary: Don't worry. I'll get better soon. Sue: Well, take care of yourself. Bye. Jane: I'm sorry you're ill. Bob: Oh, it's nothing. Jane: Well, take care of yourself.
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take care

1. Be careful, use caution, as in Take care or you will slip on the ice. [Late 1500s]
2. Good-bye, as in I have to go now; take care. This apparent abbreviation of take care of yourself is used both orally and in writing, where it sometimes replaces the conventional Sincerely or Love in signing off correspondence. [Colloquial; 1960s]
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Take care

tv. Good-bye, be careful. Take care. See you in Philly.
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take care

To be careful: Take care or you will slip on the ice.
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Well," I said to Donald lamely, "try to take care of yourself.
I've found that if you take care of people, the mission takes care of itself.
I was put here to take care of the people in this clinic and make sure the beneficiaries receive the best possible care," said Rosario.
It's the press and how the studio takes care of you or doesn't take care of you.
In addition to having someone to take care of member's needs on-site, the Member Services Department of Private Retreats ensures all advance arrangements are taken care of, as well.
Caregivers need to find ways to take care of their own health so they can take care of someone else.
CATS takes care of the physical part, we take care of the emotional,'' Mittelman said Friday.