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He wasn't asking me or anyone else to take care of him.
In addition to having someone to take care of member's needs on-site, the Member Services Department of Private Retreats ensures all advance arrangements are taken care of, as well.
Caregivers need to find ways to take care of their own health so they can take care of someone else.
CATS takes care of the physical part, we take care of the emotional,'' Mittelman said Friday.
They were scared, but they were prepared to fight and take steps to take care of themselves.
Burke noted that pre-planning is on the rise, and he attributes it to the fact that people are now more willing to talk about pre-need and take care of all the details of the disposition of their own remains.
It's a place to worship, and we try to take care of it and keep it up, and I think we've done a pretty good job of keeping the old church in good repair.