take blood pressure

take (one's) blood pressure

To measure one's blood pressure. I'll need to take your blood pressure before we begin. The doctor told me to take my blood pressure twice a day to see if there was any adverse reaction to the medication.
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take someone's blood pressure

to measure a person's blood pressure. The doctor takes my blood pressure every time I am in the office. Bob takes his blood pressure at home every day.
See also: blood, pressure, take
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For example, the campaign aims to ensure that all staff involved in patient care take blood pressure according to a standard procedure, and that treatment measures are in accordance with the most recent guidelines issued by the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure.
We have been doing how to take blood pressure and how to find the heart and do ECGs.
1) The purpose of this study is to investigate whethehr practicing dental hygienists routinely take blood pressure readings on their patients.
These two groups were significantly less likely to take blood pressure readings on a routine basis.
Participants who were MCG alumni did not routinely take blood pressure readings any more often than did graduates from the other dental hygiene schools represented at the continuing education seminar.
I am years old, take blood pressure medication, and I sometimes have a hard time sleeping.