take action against

take action against (someone or something)

To initiate legal proceedings against someone or something. Let it be known that my client will take action against any publication that prints these lies. The city has declined to take action against the man, stating that it was a clear case of self-defense.
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take action against someone or something

to begin activity against someone or something. The city council vowed to take action against the mayor. I will take action against the company for its negligence.
See also: action, take
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Sack the corrupt naib tehsildar', 'Corrupt mafia is not acceptable', 'MNA Chaudhry Nisar please take action against Malik Javed' were the slogans mentioned on placards held by some protestors.
Many patwaris are also involved in illegal acts along with Malik Javed', they said, adding that the CM should take action against DC Rawalpindi for not taking action against Malik Javed.
Under the powers, the PEMRA chairman is authorized to take action against such companies telecasting Indian channels and Indian contents in violation of the laws without any notice.
of October 15, following which it would take action against the violators without any discrimination.
Giving Chief Minister Jagdish Shettar the jitters and leaving no option with the BJP but to take action against the rebels for backing him, Yeddyurappa's launch was well attended.
On the other side, Police has arrested Hindu Neul Mal on the charges of selling The residents of the city organized a rally against this obnoxious business and demanded from the concern authorities to take action against liquor sellers.
He directed the SPs and DSPs to take action against juvenile drivers without any discrimination and utilize all available resources to make the campaign successful.
He said that strict action would be taken against traffic officials who would not take action against violations of traffic rules.