take action against

take action against (someone or something)

To initiate legal proceedings against someone or something. Let it be known that my client will take action against any publication that prints these lies. The city has declined to take action against the man, stating that it was a clear case of self-defense.
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take action against someone or something

to begin activity against someone or something. The city council vowed to take action against the mayor. I will take action against the company for its negligence.
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In this regard the leaders of different organizations have demanded of the concerned authorities to take action against the dealers of SafinaGutka, who have become millionaires within few years.
Inspector General Punjab Police Dr Syed Kaleem Imam directed the regional and district police officers to ensure transparency in their respective areas and take action against violators without any discrimination.
Islamabad -- Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad has directed the police department to take action against vehicles having tinted glass.
'Many patwaris are also involved in illegal acts along with Malik Javed', they said, adding that the CM should take action against DC Rawalpindi for not taking action against Malik Javed.
He said that strict action would be taken against traffic officials who would not take action against violations of traffic rules.
On the other side, Police has arrested Hindu Neul Mal on the charges of selling The residents of the city organized a rally against this obnoxious business and demanded from the concern authorities to take action against liquor sellers.