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Remember, achieving your goals is easy if you take action now
Mr Keith-Smith obtained court orders enabling him to identify the individual who posted the defamatory remarks, and then take action against the individual for defamation - he was awarded pounds 10,000 in damages.
Through these situations, however, one truth remains unbroken; the only way to begin solving a problem is to take action.
This is the first time an IPCC report has concluded there is good reason to take action on a precautionary basis, beyond those measures that cost nothing," says Florentin Krause, a member of Working Group III and an energy modeler with the International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths in El Cerrito, Calif.
Persons who had not visited a physician within the preceding 2 years were 60% less likely to take action than persons who had visited a physician within the preceding year.
BRT also outlined specific steps it is taking to urge policy makers to take action this year.
He said that CTP would also take action against traffic rules violator without any discrimination.
No, it shows that where offences are alleged to have been committed it is right that the police take action - against licensees that serve a mainly gay community or those that represent multi-national companies.