take a whack at (someone or something)

take a whack at (someone or something)

1. To hit or attempt to hit someone or something with one's fist or some kind of instrument. I took a whack at him for making such a lewd suggestion. Try taking a whack at it—that usually gets the motor running again.
2. To attempt (to do) something; to take a turn trying (to do) something. Well, I haven't fixed a motor in nearly 10 years, but I'll certainly take a whack at it. You had your chance trying to break the piñata, now let your sister take a whack at it.
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take a whack at someone/something

tv. to hit at someone or something. Jerry got an ax and took a whack at the tree but didn’t do much damage.

take a whack at something

tv. to have a try at something. Why don’t you practice a little while and take a whack at it tomorrow?
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